Which personalization technique should I choose for textile items?

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Imagine you would like to order textile items with your logo, name or other text. A lot of different personalization techniques exist for printing: screen printing, flex, transfer, ... Different techniques are needed for good quality and sustainable use. So, which one should you use? Below we explain the different techniques, so hopefully it becomes a lot clearer!


This technique is used if each item must be personalized differently, e.g. having different names or numbers.

Screen print

Screen printing is simple, cheap and the most common technique for identical prints on all items. Printing in multiple colors is only possible with certain order quantities.

Note: the print on textile items that consist mainly of polyester need to be considerably darker that the material. If you really want a lighter print, choose transfer as technique.

Screen printing is not recommended for all textiles. For example, when we want to personalize hats, we do not recommend using a screen printing. On the one hand because the hat has an uneven surface and the print can clump, on the other hand because the print can break open when the hat is being stretched and worn. In this case, we would recommend embroidery.


Transfers are widely used for printing on textiles that mainly consists of polyester and for prints in full color. In this last cast we are talking about a color transfer or digital transfer. This technique results in more detailed prints and clearer colors than screen printing.


Embroidery gives an exclusive look and is possible up to 12 colors. An embroidery is a personalization technique that does not fade during washing and therefore remains beautiful for a very long time. This technique is not recommended for T-shirts, since the fabric contracts which gives not so great results. However, on fleece materials we do recommend choosing an embroidery.  To keep the price interesting, you are best off ordering in multiples of 6.


With debossing, an image or logo is stamped in the material, which leaves an imprint of this logo in the material. No color is added, so the logo will be visible in the color of the material.

Infusion or sublimation

With infusion or sublimation, the design is not applied on the fabric, but in the fabric fibers. You do not feel the full-color print on the textile, it also does not break or fade. Infusion or sublimation can only be used on very light or white textiles. For this reason, you cannot choose this technique in our shop. If you want to use this technique, please contact us and we will see whether this is possible for your article.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving etches your design or logo into a surface with a laser beam. No color is added, so your logo has the color of the textile it is etched in.

Are you not sure which technique you use best? Please contact us, together we will find the best solution.