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We care about the future, and we are doing our share to secure it! Together with WeForest, we plant one tree for every order that is placed with us. The more orders we get, the more trees are planted. So, let's start ordering!


WeForest is an international non-profit organization dedicated to replanting native forests. Their main goal is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases with other organizations and limit global warming to a maximum increase of 2°C.

Restoring biodiversityPlanting trees in tropical areas and restoring biodiversity are not the only things WeForest stands for. They are also committed to helping the local population. Together with the farmers they look into the possibilities of sustainably managing the forest, making sure these new, replanted forests have a longer future. In every project they create economic opportunities for women, by providing training on setting up tree nurseries. They also organize various community activities that ensure that the projects are sustainable and benefit the local population.

This way, WeForest closes the cycle and ensures that the local population and the reforested areas have a reinforcing effect on each other. Read more.


Investing in WeForest has a direct, noticeable impact and countless indirect benefits. WeForest also has a solid team of scientists and researchers who constantly analyze and adjust running projects to ensure maximum impact with the available resources. WeForest values transparency about their funds greatly. Through their website (www.weforest.org), interested parties can find complete analyzes and reports.

Our impact in numbers

  • 734,1 tons of CO₂ emissions neutralized over a 20-year period (which is the equivalent of the annual CO₂ footprint of 111 EU citizens)!
  • 50.356,1 m² forest immediately restored.
  • 1.213.400 m² of land that was directly or indirectly positively affected.

More info at https://www.weforest.org/partner/magnis-group

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