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Everything about flags

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Flags come in many materials, shapes, and sizes. Our flags are made of 115g gloss polyester, you can also choose the B1-certified fire-retardant variant. You can always choose whether you want the finishing on the left or right side and which clips or rings you want on your flags.

Our beach flags are available in many different models with different bases. These are easy to move and are therefore widely used by shops and during events.

Facade flags are, as the name implies, most suitable for hanging on a facade. For this type of flag, you can choose between the commonly used sizes.

Standing flags, which are flags that are higher than they are wide, are also called banner flags. These are used, for example, in a city center or shopping street. This type of flag is usually hung by sliding it over a pole, so these are flags have a tunnel on top as standard finishing. 

Are you looking for a Belgian flag, Dutch flag, German flag, ...? Check out our national flags category! Here you will find several national flags, each in the most common sizes.

We realize that you might want a slightly different size than mentioned with these types of flags. That is why you can determine the size and finishing of your flag yourself with our Flags (custom size).

Would you like a different flag or do you have any questions? Contact us!