Can I print my flags on both sides?

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Single sided flags

By default, flags are printed on one side, using sublimation. This ensures that the print on the flag is printed through and visible mirrored on the back. 98% of flags are made this way.

  • Advantages: fast delivery times, cheaper, more durable.
  • Disadvantages: the design on the back side can be seen in mirror image.

Double sided flags

Double-sided flags consist of 2 single-sided printed flags, with a blockout cloth in between. This results in the flag being heavier and breaking faster during strong winds. Therefore, we do not recommend choosing double-sided flags.

  • Advantages: the design can be seen correctly on both sides, no mirrored design
  • Disadvantages: longer delivery time, more expensive, heavier and less durable

Single-sided vs double-sided