From wind speed of 7 Beaufort and up, outdoor use of flags is not recommended. This can reduce the life expectancy of your flag to one day.
Order the Belgian flag

Order the Belgian flag

Article 193 of the Belgian Constitution: "The Belgian Nation adopts red, yellow and black colors, and as arms of the kingdom the Lion of Belgium with the motto: union is strength". Order your own Belgian flag now! Our flags are made from 115g glossy polyester flag fabric and are finished with a band and 2 loops or clips. It is possible to add your logo to the flag. Please note, when ordering these flags you only order the flag itself, the flagpole is not included.

Good to know

  1. Everything about printed flags
  2. Which finishing should I choose for my flags?
  3. Can I print my flags on both sides?

Design guidelines

You aren't sure how to properly design your print file? Check out the design guidelines for belgian flags.


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Choose the size of your flags

Choose the material of your flags

  • Poly Gloss
    Poly Gloss
    • Cheaper
    • Express delivery is possible
    • The material is not fire retardant
  • Poly Gloss B1 FR
    Poly Gloss B1 FR
    • Material is fire retardant
    • Express delivery is not possible
  • Eco Poly Gloss B1 FR
    Eco Poly Gloss B1 FR
    • Material is fire retardant
    • 100% recycled polyester
    • Express delivery is not possible

Finishing side
On which side do you want to have the finishing of your flag?

  • On the left
    On the left
    Rigth wind direction
  • On the right
    On the right
    Left wind direction

Choose the finishing of your flags

  • White loop & cord
    White loop & cord
  • White clips
    White clips
  • White D-rings
    White D-rings
  • Black loop & cord
    Black loop & cord
  • Black clips
    Black clips
  • Black D-rings
    Black D-rings
  • Metal D-rings
    Metal D-rings

Do you want to have the flag wrapped individually in a transparent foil?

  • Yes
    • Easy to hand out
  • No
    • More ecological
    • Express delivery is possible

We need more information to calculate a price! Please select one of the options for each product property.

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