Can I print my flags on both sides?

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Single-sided flags

By default, flags are printed on one side only, by means of sublimation. This way the print on the flag is printed through the material and visible in mirror image on the other side. 98% of all flags are made like this.

  • Advantages: fast delivery times, cheaper, more durable
  • Disadvantage: design on backside in "mirror"

Double-sided flags

Double-sided flags consist of two single-sided printed flags, with a blockout cloth in between. This makes the flag stiffer, making it more vulnerable to wind rupture. Therefore we do not recommend double-sided flags for sustainable use and are all our flags single-sided.

  • Advantages: 100% print on both sideds, no "mirror"-effect of design on backside
  • Disdavantages: long delivery times, more expensive, heavier, less durable

Single-sided vs double-sided