Which finishing should I choose for my flags?

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Flags can be finished in different ways and on different sides. Here we explain the possibilities.

Finished on the left or right side?

Depending on the direction of the wind, you can choose to have the finishing of your flag on the left or right side.


Banner flags are finished with a tunnel at the top as standard. The top of the flag in this case gets an open seam, which makes it easy to slide over a pole. Unless otherwise specified, the tunnel is 6 cm flat or 3.8 cm in diameter.


You have to be able to attach the flag to the flagpole. For this, you can choose from 3 types of fasteners: a loop and cord, clips, or D-rings. All these fixings are available in white and black. Clips and D-rings will be placed +- every 100 cm. Do you want more/less space between the clips/d-rings? No problem! Just continue configuring your product and request a quote.


It is possible to pack each flag separately in a plastic packaging. This is useful if you want to hand out or sell the flags, for example. Unfortunately, this option is less ecological and express delivery is not possible.


As a last option, we ask if we can sew our PrintSimple label in the flag. If you choose this option, we will give a 5% discount on the flags as a thank you!