Premium rigid packaging custom made

Premium rigid packaging custom made

Looking for the perfect packaging for your product? Then you're in the right place! Our luxury packaging ensures a beautiful and luxurious presentation of your product and keeps your product protected. You can determine the material and finish of the packaging by yourself.

Choose the size of your packaging, the material of the inlay and add ribbons or plastic sleeves for extra information. Printing can be done on both the outside and inside of the box, but also on the inlay itself. Inlays are available in different colours and styles to suit your specific needs. Whether you need packaging for a high-end product or a way to beautifully present a new or sample product, we have the solution for you.

Lead time: 6-7 weeks. Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces.

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Premium rigid packaging custom made

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Packaging with inlay

The inlay of packaging ensures that your product is presented beautifully and that everything stays in place during transport. For the material of the inlay, you can choose between cardboard and foam. Cardboard is more ecological and cheaper, while foam gives a more luxurious look to your packaging.

Luxury in a box

Luxury packaging can be great for customers who are expecting high-quality products. There are many different ways you can give your packaging this luxurious look. You can choose different sizes and materials to differentiate your packaging from your competitors, and you can also use a laminate or lacquer to give your packaging a special look.

For the packaging seal, you can opt for a magnetic closure, to which ribbons can be added to tie up the packaging. Ribbons on the side of the box ensure that the packaging stays open and a plastic bag on the flap provides space to put documentation in.

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