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Corrugated cardboard packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging

Have your corrugated packaging and shipping boxes printed to highlight your brand! This will make your packaging look more professional and it gives your packages a personal touch.

Corrugated cardboard packaging stands out thanks to the light and sturdy material it is made of. It's the ideal packaging for fragile products, as your packaged goods will be optimally protected during transport. Determine the size yourself and have the box printed completely or print only your logo on the box.

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Lead time: from 15 working days. Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces.

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What is corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard packaging is a robust and durable packaging solution suitable for a wide range of products. Corrugated cardboard is made by stacking several layers of cardboard with a wavy layer in the middle and pressing them together. This makes the packages strong enough to protect heavier products from damage during transport and storage.

Your unique corrugated packaging

To protect your products during shipment to the customer, you must of course package them properly. This is an immediate opportunity to make your brand stand out and to increase the customer experience. Our corrugated cardboard packaging can be printed with your company logo or a design of your choice, so that you can propagate your brand name and make your products recognizable.

Customise your packaging

With various sizes and styles to pick from, you can choose the right packaging for your specific products and needs. Whether you are looking for a small box for small products or a large box for heavier items, we have the perfect packaging for you. You can choose the height, width and depth of the packaging to ensure it is the right size to ship your products in.

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