The importance of tangible communication tools

Published on 16 June 2024
The importance of tangible communication tools

There is a lot of information coming at us every day, more than we can process. As a result, we often find ourselves with an information overload. One of the reasons for this is the digital stress that has increased enormously in recent years as we stare at our screens for hours every day. That is why it is important for a company to still be able to communicate your message effectively through tangible communication. In this blog, you will read all about digital fatigue, the many advertising incentives, and the importance of tangible communication tools.

Digital fatigue and volatility

In an age where people spend hours behind digital screens every day, it is no surprise that we face digital fatigue and volatility. Especially with the Covid-19 virus that has been in the air in recent years, digital stress on people has increased tremendously. With the vast increase in the number of stimuli we perceive on a daily basis, we are overwhelmed by information and struggle to concentrate. Did you know that today we process more information in a day than people did in their entire lives 100 years ago? With the proliferation of digital technology and the internet, we have access to a wealth of information and are exposed to a huge amount of stimuli and information on a daily basis.

"I see the phone as an important jammer that brings permanent turmoil," says psychiatrist Witte Hoogendijk in an article in the Volkskrant. With this, he seems to suggest that burnout is a typical phenomenon of the twenty-first century, due to the huge amount of information and stimuli our brains have to process on a daily basis, both consciously and unconsciously. And in this, he is not alone.

Roger Bohn, emeritus professor of management, did research on the amount of information we humans have to deal with on a daily basis. For an adult, this amounts to about 100-500 words a day. To calculate this number, Bohn only looked at the words people have to deal with inside and outside their homes and work environments. In reality, the word count is much higher.

This digital fatigue also brings volatility. People tend to scan digital information quickly and click through to new content, without reading or processing it in depth. This is especially prevalent in digital and online environments, where the amount of content and information is enormous and constantly updated.

As a business, it is therefore important to understand how digital volatility can affect the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and how to respond to it. By taking this into account and responding to the needs of your target audience, you as a marketer can develop an effective and relevant marketing strategy that helps your brand grow and prosper.

3000 advertising incentives

The difference between advertising today and advertising anno 2014 is huge. Since the rise of the mobile phone and the introduction of a globally accessible internet network, it is virtually impossible to go "unnoticed" anywhere. Google knows what interests us from our search history, Facebook knows where we are from our phone and YouTube recognises what kind of music we prefer to listen to.

So you get an average of 3,000 (advertising) messages fired at you every day. Ranging from small Facebook ads to aggressive TV campaigns. Although more than 90% of these stimuli pass unnoticed by you, you process each one in your subconscious. When you look at your mobile phone for ten minutes, your brain analyses every image, video and audio clip that passes by. With all these commercial stimuli, your brain has to put a lot of effort into processing all this information.

The importance of tangible communication tools

As a business, we need to be aware of this digital fatigue and ask ourselves how to communicate our message effectively. It is important to invest in different communication channels so that your target audience can be reached in different ways. Besides digital channels, the use of tangible communication tools, such as promotional products can help attract attention and leave a lasting impression with your target audience. So it is definitely important to free up advertising, marketing and communication budgets for tangible communication tools.  

Promotional products

People want to be able to hold and feel a product. This also applies to promotional products. Tangible communications, such as promotional products, have a high recall value (the extent to which people can remember a brand or message). People often remember the brands they see on promotional products and use these products in everyday life. This can help increase brand awareness and image boosting of your company or brand. Promotional products are therefore a tangible and effective way to promote your brand and reach your target audience. By offering personalised promotional products, such as corporate gifts, printed clothes, personalised pens or printed tote bags, you can show your customers that you appreciate them and want to bind them to your brand.

Physical books

This digital fatigue also plays a role when selling physical books. After spending hours behind a screen, your eyes are tired and you relax much more when reading a physical book. It is also often the case that physical products are more valuable in our eyes than digital products. Physical products you can touch, feel and smell. As a result, you feel more ownership of physical products than digital products. So because you have a greater sense of ownership with physical products, you also attribute more value to them than to digital products.

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Haptic advertising

By using haptic advertising and other analogue and sensual media, you can stand out from the oversaturated digital advertising market. Haptic communication offers a unique way to attract attention and get your message across effectively.

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