Employer branding with promotional products

Published on 23 June 2024
Employer branding with promotional products

Promotional products can be used in many ways and for many purposes. There are promotional products that are used as business gifts for loyal customers or promotional products that are handed out to people who pass by at trade shows to create more brand awareness. There are a lot of opportunities with these promotional items. In this article, we are going to talk about one specific use of this so-called product media: employer branding with promotional products.

Employer branding

Employer branding is about building a good reputation as an employer so that good employees want to work and stay with your organization. It's about showing why your organization is a great place to work and why people want to work for you. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as the website, social media, and the way you treat employees. The goal is to be an attractive employer in order to attract and retain the best talent.

The link between employer branding and promotional products

Giving your employees promotional products not only promotes your company's team spirit but it also increases brand awareness. A Consumer Study (2018) by American Promotional Product Association International (APPAI) found that employees also use those products outside their work environment, further increasing the brand's reach. 90% of employees are proud to represent their company outside of work.

Promotional products can also be used to motivate employees and show that they are appreciated. Offering employees promotional products with the company logo on them can make them feel more connected to the company and proud to work there. This can increase employee loyalty and engagement.

In addition, promotional products can also be used as incentives for employees. Handing out products as rewards for good performance or as part of an employee program can increase motivation and contribute to a positive work atmosphere.

In short, the use of promotional products can be used both for employer branding and for employee motivation and appreciation. This is the link between the two.

Use of promotional products outside the work environment

The survey that was mentioned in the previous paragraph shows that promotional products are used by employees in many different locations:

  • Travelling (48%)
  • Shopping (46%)
  • Charity events (34%)
  • Sports (30%)
  • Going out for dinner (30%)

So your business will be visible in many locations which significantly increases the visibility of your brand.

4 useful tips for using promotional products within an employer branding strategy

There are several ways you can use promotional products to enhance your employer branding:

  1. Choose promotional products that are relevant to your company and industry. For example, you can gift an IT company mugs with a technological design, or a sports club a printed drinking bottle. By doing so, you create a link between your company and the gift, making the product act as an extension of your brand.
  2. Imprint your promotional products with your company logo or slogan to increase brand awareness. This allows employees to use the product outside the work environment and acts as a form of free advertising for your company. 
  3. Choose promotional products that are practical and useful so that your employees will enjoy using them, thus spreading your brand name. Examples include power banks, USB sticks, pens, notebooks, and so on.
  4. A welcome gift for new employees breaks the ice and makes them feel good. A tote bag full of personalized products with your logo is the ideal gift. Original, cool, and convenient!

By using these strategies, you can use promotional products as part of your employer branding to increase brand awareness and promote talent attraction and retention.

Unmissable information

Using promotional products for employer branding is a smart move for organizations looking for ways to increase brand awareness and build a good reputation as an employer. Research shows that employees who receive these products as gifts are proud to represent their company outside the workplace, further increasing the reach of the brand. Promotional products are used in different locations, making the brand visible in more places. Because of these benefits, using promotional products can become an important part of an organization's employer branding strategy. Want to learn more about the power of promotional products and whether promotional products are worth their investment? Don't hesitate to click on these links.

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