What is laser engraving

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Lasergravure op houtLaser engraving is a classy way to apply a logo or text to a product. Using an engraving machine, the logo is "burned" into the product using a laser. This technique is very sustainable and does not fade from the product.

It is not possible to choose a specific color for engraving. The material of the surface to be engraved and the layers under the finishing layer define the final color of the engraving. In many cases, the engraving will have a grey or anthracite color.

How does laser engraving work?

The laser beam removes the material on the surface of the product, making the next layer of material visible. A computer precisely controls the position and movement of the laser to engrave the desired logo into the product.

The advantages of laser engraving

The main advantage of laser engraving is that there is no contact between the machine and the material, as only the laser beam makes contact. This makes the technique very precise and no damage can appear between the engraving machine and the product. Also, slipping or a mechanical part getting stuck is not possible and so products can be personalized at a high speed.

Laser engraving can be used on many different materials. The most common materials used are: Stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, rubber, wood, glass (and glassware), mirrors, ...

To summarize, laser engraving is:

  • Highly precise
  • Indelible
  • Great for creating special effects
  • Suitable for flat, round, convex and concave surfaces
  • Can be used on many different materials

Light up logo productenLight up logo products

A special effect achieved through engraving can be seen with our light up logo products. With these products the logo or design is engraved into the product. When the product is used, the logo lights up. This way your brand or message is put in the spotlight!

CO2 engraving

The technique of CO2 engraving is similar to the classic laser engraving. The laser beam comes from a glass tube containing CO2. Non-metallic objects such as wood, plastic, organic material (fruit) and leather can be personalized with CO2 engraving. The result of the engraving depends on the material to be engraved. For example, wood turns dark brown after engraving.

Diamond engraving

Diamond engraving is a printing technique in which the text or logo is "scratched" into the material by means of a diamond. The engraving is done with a diamond pen: a sharp diamond point, encased in a holder.

A diamond engraving often gives a luxurious look. This technique is very suitable for engraving glass. Also metal, marble, granite etc. can be engraved.