Should I order a premium or a budget beach flag?

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When ordering beachflags you have to choose between two types: premium beach flags and budget beach flags. Which one should you choose? That is the question we are trying to give an answer to.

There are some differences between the premium and budget beach flags. The first difference is the size of the beach flag itself. For example, with premium beach flags, you can choose between sizes S, M and L. With the budget beach flags you have the choice between S, M, L and XL. Note that the S, M and L sizes are different for both types!

The second (and most important) difference is that premium beach flags use a fiberglass flagpole and the budget beach flags use an aluminum flagpole. There are advantages and disadvantages to both type of flagpoles. The aluminum version is cheaper, but the fiberglass version is much sturdier, stronger and more flexible. On the images you can observe the difference in strength and flexibility yourself.

Fiberglass flagpole (Premium)

Fiberglass flagpoleThe fiberglass flagpole is chosen the most because it is virtually unbreakable and lasts for years. Because of this the fiberglass flagpole is the best choice if the beach flags are to be placed outdoors or they often have to be used, set up or taken down. As a result, this flagpole set is slightly more expensive than the aluminum version.

Aluminum flagpole (Budget)

Aluminium flagpoleWith the aluminum flagpole, the upper part of the flagpole is also made out of fiberglass, but the other parts of the flagpole are made out of aluminum. This makes this stick somewhat more vulnerable and less suitable for long-term use. Thanks to the use of aluminimum, this flagpole is more economical in terms of price. The aluminium flagpole can be used both indoors and outdoors, although preference is given to indoor use.