Folding or rolling your banners

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When you order banners, we ask you if we can fold the banner for transport. We ask this because some customers prefer not to have their banner folded. If a banner has been folded too long in a certain position, it's possible that "stripes" may occur. This can be disturbing if the banner is viewed up close, e.g. art that is printed on a banner. We try to roll the banners (also called roll lock) as much as possible instead of folding.

If the shortest side of a banner is larger than 480 cm, the banner must be folded. Rolling will then only be possible if special transport is provided. This transport always has to be calculated on demand; request a quote.

For combined and XXL banners you can't choose whether it's ok to fold the banners. We determine this based on various factors, one of which being the available transport options. We will try to roll the banners as much as possible in these situations as well.

In short: rolling (or not folding) delivers the best result. In some cases however, there is no other option than to fold the banner.