Sublimated or woven wristbands

Sublimated or woven wristbands

Nothing screams summer, sun and fun like fabric wristbands. You get them at festivals, and since they have become somewhat of a collectible they will last for a while, as will our print.  To be ordered from 100 pieces.

Design guidelines

You aren't sure how to properly design your print file? Check out the design guidelines and templates for Fabric wristbands.


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Choose the type of the wristbands

  • Fabric woven wristbands
    • From 100pcs
    • Max. 6 colors
  • Fabric printed wristbands
    • From 100pcs
    • Full color print

Choose the material of the wristbands

  • Polyester
  • Recycled PET (rPET)

Choose the type & color of the closure

Did you know that? The plastic slide closures are self locking and do not require any tools!
  • Black
    Self locking plastic slide closure
  • Navy blue
    Navy blue
    Self locking plastic slide closure
  • Green
    Self locking plastic slide closure
  • Purple
    Self locking plastic slide closure
  • Red
    Self locking plastic slide closure
  • Yellow/Gold
    Self locking plastic slide closure
  • White
    Self locking plastic slide closure
  • Silver
    Metal closure
    Tools required

Do you want to print on one side or both sides?

  • Max 6 colors
  • One side, full color (4/0)
  • Both sides, full color (4/4)

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Our range of personalized fabric wristbands

We offer 2 types of fabric wristbands: sublimated and woven. Sublimated wristbands can be printed in full color, woven wristbands are woven in up to 6 colors. For the closure you can choose from a lot of colors such as black, navy blue, purple, green, white and many other colors. These plastic slide closures are self-closing, so no extra tools are needed.

Printed wristbands for every occasion

Our personalized, fabric wristbands are suitable for so many different purposes. They are ideal to use as entrance bands for a festival or event. The perfect way to identify your visitors. Because they are available in many colors, you can divide your visitors into groups. For example, one color for those entitled to free drinks and another color for those with access to unlimited food and drinks. By printing them with your logo you provide a personal touch and introduce people to your brand or company. Moreover, they are also perfect to further complement your personalized totebag and use as a gadget or promotional giveaway. Due to its high quality, they will last for a long time.

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