Sublimation lanyards

Sublimation lanyards

A classic is a classic for a reason! Our personalized lanyards are not only practical but also stylish, thanks to our customization options that allow you change the width of the lanyard, accessories and whether it is printed on one or two sides. Simply configure your product, add your logo and you're done!

When the lanyard is printed on one side, the back side will be white. Due to the full-color sublimation printing method, the number of colors on the lanyard does not affect the price.

Design guidelines

You aren't sure how to properly design your print file? Check out the design guidelines and templates for sublimation lanyards.

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You are ordering sublimation lanyards

Choose the material of the wristbands

  • Polyester
  • Recycled PET (rPET)

Choose the width of your lanyards

  • 10 mm
  • 15 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm

Do you want to print on one side or both sides?

  • One side, full color (4/0)
    The other side will be white
  • Both sides, full color (4/4)
    Both sides will look as you desire

Which hook do you want?

  • Default hook
    Default hook
  • Phone clip
    Phone clip
  • Oval hook
    Oval hook
  • Metal ring
    Metal ring
  • Silver carabiner
    Silver carabiner

Hook accessory
Which hook accessory do you want?

  • None
  • Phone clip
    Phone clip
  • Phone loop
    Phone loop
  • Soft badge holder
    Soft badge holder
  • Rigid badge holder
    Rigid badge holder

Removable buckle
Which buckle do you want?

  • None
  • Default buckle
    Default buckle

Safety closure
Do you want a safety closure?

  • No
    If someone suffocates:
    • You have to cut open the lanyard
    • Afterwards the lanyard can no longer be used
  • Yes
    If someone suffocates:
    • The safety closure can be opened easily
    • Afterwards the lanyard can be reused

More info needed!
We need more information to calculate a price! Please select one of the options for each product property.

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