What does RFID stands for and what is it?

Published on 3 March 2021
What does RFID stands for and what is it?

Let's start with what RFID stands for. The abbreviation RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, or identification by radio waves. It is a technology that allows objects to be identified and tracked wirelessly. The object is equipped with a chip, this chip is in turn equipped with electronically stored data. This data can be read through the use of electromagnetic fields.

What is RFID used for?

Because RFID enables contactless communication and data exchange, it is very popular for bank cards, access badges, entrance cards and other electronic passes. Identity cards are also equipped with an RFID chip. This means that you don't have to take your access badge out of your wallet all the time, or put your bank card in the payment machine, etc. Super convenient! But precisely because there is so much personal information on your cards and passes, criminals take advantage of this technology. By using a scanner, they can, for example, abuse your payment cards without making contact. This is called RFID skimming. Therefore, it is beneficial to protect your cards by using an RFID-blocking wallet or a backpack/bag with one or more RFID-protective compartments.

What is RFID blocking?

RFID blocking is used in wallets, card holders and pockets to block radio waves, making contact with cards impossible. These RFID-blocking products are ideal to counter "digital business trolls". They have no chance to steal your data without contact. In addition, this type of wallets, bags and card holders can hold multiple digital cards. Many wallets and card holders are also equipped with silicone parts that ensure that the cards do not fall out. Also, there is often a kind of 'jump-option'. This option ensures that the cards gradually appear. So, you see the full contents of your wallet and then choose exactly which card you need.

In addition to wallets and card holders, there are also backpacks, travel bags, laptop bags and shoulder bags that ensure that your personal data and therefore digital cards are kept safe. These kinds of items come in handy any time you are on the road, such as during a (business) trip, city break or commute to work. In busy places, where people stand close together and pass each other, RFID blockers make twice as much sense. Think of public transport, shops, underground stations, airports, hotels, etc.

RFID products as promotional product?

Definitely! Not only are wallets, card holders and bags useful accessories, but they also offer protection against RIFD-skimming. An RFID-product with your logo printed on it shows that your organization cares about corporate social responsibility. Safety for the people, a planted tree per order and an improved reputation. It will also increase brand awareness for your organization and your relations will always remember from whom they received this handy business gift!

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