The importance of a business card

Published on 15 April 2020
The importance of a business card

More than 27 million business cards are printed every day. You would think that this number would be much smaller thanks to the digital ways of making new connections. But business cards remain a useful tool to connect and promote your brand. The latest technologies do have an impact on the design of business cards. This makes them more creative and attractive than ever.

Let us look at why using business cards is so important.

Business cards are necessary

The old-fashioned paper business cards are still the fastest and easiest way to share contact information with other people, customers and leads. It remains the best way to introduce yourself to new people and remind people about your business. When your smartphone or application lets you down, your business cards will save you from missing out on a potential connection.

Business cards provide connections

Printed business cards are the most reliable way to create a personal bond as well as to exchange personal information. Handing out your business card and getting one in exchange is a proactive way to develop connections. The icebreaker for starting a conversation? Well, hand out your business card and the conversation has started. It is not only useful to start a conversation but also to keep a conversation going.

Business cards visualize your brand

Business cards are a perfect tool to reflect the identity of your company. Business cards communicate about your brand message, personality, and values. This ensures that the recipient gets an idea of ??what your company is about. When a business card conveys the right image of the company, it ensures that prospects can be converted into new customers and valuable leads in the long term.

Business cards are part of etiquette in some cultures

In Japan, exchanging business cards is part of the business etiquette. It is seen as a ritual that takes place every time you meet a new business partner. In Asian cultures, there are special rules around the exchange of business cards. For example, it has been established how business cards are passed on, what needs to be said and how you respond to them. Not having business cards is seen as a sign of disrespect. With us, in Western culture, business cards are not part of business etiquette.

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