Silktech: quality refills from the Black Forest

Published on 8 March 2021
Silktech: quality refills from the Black Forest

Hardly any other promotional item is as convertible and versatile as a ballpoint pen. It is not without reason that they are used so often and with such pleasure for advertising purposes and brand communication. However, this only works if the ballpoint pens used for this are of high quality and do not let the user down mid-sentence.

Development and production

For more than 35 years, Klio Eterna has been using their expertise and experience for the in-house development and production of their high-quality Silktech refills. In addition to the plastic tube for the paste, the key component of the refills is the precisely manufactured writing tip with an extremely hard tungsten carbide ball. Every year they produce more than 30 million refills at their site in Wolfach in the Black Forest.

Quality and technology

Writing length testTo guarantee the consistent quality, the Silktech refills are subject to continuous and regular quality control during production. Within the standardized testing processes, the refills are subjected to a writing test in which both the ink delivery and the typeface are tested and documented.

The length that writing tests of all refills reach always exceed the writing length that we mention. This way, the Klio Eterna ballpoint pens will not let you down.

Variants and specifications

Silktech ink colors

Due to different sizes and filling quantities, the refills come in 3 variants:

  • The basic version - Silktech S: 2.000m writing length.
  • The standard version - Silktech L: 3.000m writing length.
  • The premium version - Silktech XL: 5.000m writing length.

In addition to the usual ink colors blue and black, the refills are also available in other font colors on request.

Sustainable and document proof

The refills of the Klio Eterna ballpoint pens are not imported but are 100% manufactured in their factory in Wolfach, Germany. The lasting retention of the written text is achieved by the lead paste, which is also document resistant according to DIN EN ISO 12757-2.

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