PrintSimple, official supplier of the city of Hasselt

Published on 24 January 2023
PrintSimple, official supplier of the city of Hasselt

Since 2016, we at PrintSimple have been working on making our service a little bit better each day. We established ourselves in 2016 as a startup company on the Corda Campus, but have since moved to the Office Capital in Hasselt. Before 2016, our managing directors Seppe Magiels and Gilbert Nijs provided printing as an additional service within their marketing agency. Due to the increasing demand for print, they decided to classify this activity under its own trade name. This is how PrintSimple came to life.

Local collaboration

Shortly after the company was founded, the managing directors asked the city of Hasselt if they could come present their services, hoping that the city of Hasselt would give an up-and-coming startup a chance. And they did: not long after that meeting, the first request for quotations and assignments followed. The beginning of a wonderful partnership! In the meantime, the city of Hasselt has become an important value in our customer base. They regularly request quotes from us and we collaborated on many incredible projects with them.

"We may not be a royal supplier of the Court, we are equally proud however, to be an official supplier of our hometown, the city of Hasselt!"

City supplier of Hasselt

When we received an invitation to register ourselves as city supplier, we gladly accepted. We appreciate the efforts of the city of Hasselt to involve local entrepreneurs in their purchasing policy. The city of Hasselt is a stable customer for us, because there is continuity in the orders that they place with us. It gives us a foundation that allows us to feel the freedom to take on a bold project once in a while.

"We have a very pleasant partnership with the people of the City of Hasselt. And for them to contact us for a testimonial is the best proof of that."

Source article & photo: Stad

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