Even more trees planted, thanks to you! #EarthToo

Published on 21 December 2018
Even more trees planted, thanks to you! #EarthToo

In a previous blogpost, we proudly announced our partnership with WeForest. This partnership is our most important socially responsible project, next to the one we have with HackYourFuture Belgium. In the meantime, some months have passed, so it's time for an update about our collaboration!

Why did PrintSimple make a commitment at all

It's super simple: we wanted to do our part in making the world a better place, even if it is just a little. We know, this sounds super cheesy and quite intangible. So, we searched for a project where the impact is very visible, and the progress can be monitored in detail. That's why we chose WeForest. Not only are we doing something for reforestation, we are also impacting wildlife and local communities in a positive way, and we neutralize CO2-emission.

Partnership WeForest & PrintSimple Zambia-project

Why we care about WeForest in particular

With investing resources in forests, we are able to help more than only the flora and fauna in the impacted areas. Local communities and fauna put aside, do you know what value forests have in regards of cooling our climate? No? Well, here are 7 ways trees cool our climate.

  1. Trees and other plant-vegetation recycle precipitation and can transport water across long distances – even entire continents!
  2. Forests trigger precipitation by releasing moisture and micro-organisms into the air combatting drought and desertification.
  3. Air-pressure patterns created by forests help transport moisture inland to areas that might be more vulnerable to dryness.
  4. Water fluxes from forests help cool temperatures by seeding clouds that deflect solar radiation from the earth’s surface.
  5. Trees intercept fog and clouds, drawing extra moisture out of the atmosphere.
  6. Forests recharge groundwater supplies and help filter moisture through the soil.
  7. Trees disperse water through all the methods above, helping prevent damaging floods.

That is the reason why the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) mentions forests, next to energy transition, as a solution for global warming.

Source: WeForestManaging forests for water and climate cooling.

Our impact so far

Together with your help, we can already show some impressing numbers (updated until Nov. 2018):

  • 10.375 m² of forest directly restored.
  • 25.000 m² of land that was directly or indirectly positively influenced.
  • 151 tons of CO2 emission neutralized after 20 years (which is the equivalent of the annual carbon footprint of 23 EU citizens)!

So PrintSimple is doing its part. Together with other organizations and companies, WeForest was able to:

  • Plant a total of 2.995.707 trees,
  • Restore a total of 2.496 hectares of forests,
  • Positively impact a total of 4.990 hectares of landscape

in Zambia, where smallholder farmers are engaged in reversing deforestation and in building livelihood resilience. 

Partnership WeForest & PrintSimple Zambia-project

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