Doing our share with WeForest!

Published on 14 August 2018
Doing our share with WeForest!

We care about the future

At PrintSimple, we think it is important to give something back to nature in the form of a socially responsible project. That is why Magnis Group, the company behind PrintSimple, has become a partner of WeForest!

WeForest is an international non-profit organization dedicated to replanting native forests. Their man goal is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases with other organizations and limit global warming to a maximum increase of 2°C.

For 2017 as well as for 2018 we commit ourselves to plant one tree with WeForest for each order that is placed with us. In other words: the more orders you place, the more trees are planted. So, let's start ordering!

The power of trees

Trees are not only one of the most important basic materials for paper production. They are also still the best method for extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and converting it into oxygen through the process of photosynthesis (Do you remember that subject matter from secondary school?). Trees also cool down the surrounding terrain by absorbing the direct sunlight with their leaves. This creates living space under the trees for bushes, plants and animals.

Climate, people & planet

Besides planting trees in tropical areas and restoring biodiversity, WeForest also commits to the local population. With the local farmers, they are looking for ways to manage the forest sustainably, so that new, replanted forests have a bright future ahead of them. Each project creates economic opportunities for women through training on setting up tree nurseries and other community activities. This ensures that the projects are sustainable and benefit the local population. E.g. WeForest closes the loop by ensuring that the local population and the reforested areas have a reinforcing effect on each other.


So, investing in WeForest has a direct, noticeable impact and countless indirect benefits. WeForest also has a solid team of scientists and researchers who constantly analyze and adjust running projects to ensure maximum impact with the available resources. WeForest values transparency about their funds greatly. Through their website, interested parties can find complete analyzes and reports.

Our impact in numbers

  • 4.150 m² of forest restored
  • 10.000 m² of land that was directly or indirectly positively influenced
  • 60 tonnes of CO2 emission neutralized over a period of 20 years (which is the equivalent of the annual carbon footprint of 9 EU citizens)!

Taking all of the above information into consideration, it was a no-brainer for us to partner up with WeForest. We are proud that we can contribute to a better climate, more fauna and flora and improve the living conditions of people. We are certain that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and that we can realize many more good things together with our customers.

More info: Weforest partner Magnis Group

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