6 golden rules for effective outdoor advertising

Published on 4 May 2020
6 golden rules for effective outdoor advertising

How do you create effective outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is a fun and creative way to promote a company and its products. Many companies use outdoor advertising as it is a cheap option of advertising compared to traditional and online advertising. But it is not always easy for companies to know when their outdoor advertising is effective. That is why we have listed 6 golden rules below.

1. Clear message

Outdoor advertising readers are usually on the move the moment they encounter your message, making contact times very short. Use a clear message that leaves no doubt. It is important that one idea is highlighted. Less is more. One strong idea ensures a powerful delivery of the message.

2. Winning design

We remember images better than text. That is why it is important to mainly use images. If text is also used, it is best to provide a legible font. Your logo and/or brand name must also be clearly present in the design.

Where should I place my logo? A logo at the bottom right has the least effect. Therefore, place your logo where it attracts attention.

3. To-the-point

Use short sentences and few words. Effective outdoor advertising is to-the-point and does not beat around the bush. Short texts of up to 6-8 words dominate.

4. Original

Outdoor advertising must draw the attention of the passerby. Use images that surprise and make people curious and be creative in your language. Make sure people will remember your message.

5. Color

The more color the more impact. You can see contrasting colors from a distance. Pale colors, on the other hand, will have little impact on the passer-by. Therefore, use colors that make the message even more clear.

6. Consistency

Ensure consistency in all your communications. Your outdoor advertising must be in line with other forms of advertising. Make one story and extend it throughout your communication.

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