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Which material should I choose for my roll-up banner?
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For table top banner stands, the choice is very simple. There is no choice, only one material typ is available: blockout. For the regular roll-up banners, you can choose between two materials: frontlit and blockout. Both have a grammage of approx. 510 g/m², are made of PVC and are B1 FR certified. So, what's the difference between blockout and frontlit?  In table 1 we give an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both materials.

Frontlit costs less than blockout. The big advantage of blockout is that it does not let light through, which frontlit does. This is very useful if the roll-up banner is in front of a window or if there are many different light sources that you do not have control over (e.g. at exhibitions). The bar that holds up the roll-up banner will not be visible through the canvas with blockout. Also objects and shadows that are behind the banner will not appear; not even when a strong light source shines on the back of the material. The delivery term is slightly longer, as blockout has to dry longer than frontlit.

Table 1: advantages and disadvantages of both materials
  Frontlit Blockout
Level of detail Very good Very good
Material PVC PVC
g/m² 510 510
Certificates B1 FR B1 FR
Delivery term
Does not let light through
Possible to print double-sided
No additional light source required

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