Which finishing can I use best for document folders?

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Our document folders can be printed on one side and on both sides. The folders can be laminated on one or on both sides with different laminate foils. But which options fits best?

Which type of laminate?

In our shop you can choose between different types of laminate: a glossy laminate, matt laminate, anti-scratch laminate and a soft-touch laminate. If you use an image in your design, we recommend that you use a glossy laminate. This makes the colors stand out best. For designs with a lot of text, we recommend a matt laminate. The disadvantage of a matt laminate is that it is sensitive to scratching. To prevent this, there is a scratch-resistant matt laminate. Finally, you can opt for a soft-touch laminate. A soft-touch laminate feels soft and gives your folders a velvety and luxurious appearance.

Finishing on one side or both sides?

For starters, all folders that are printed only on the outside, have a finishing only on the outside. If you choose to have both sides of the folder printed, you can choose between a single-sided finishing or a double-sided finishing.

We recommend choosing a single-sided finishing if you would like to be able to write stuff on the inside of your document folders. This is difficult to do when the folder is laminated on the inside as well. A double-sided finishing is recommended when you choose to print the complete inside of the folder. Due to the laminate on the inside, the color cannot transfer onto the papers.

Are you still not sure about the finishing? Contact us and we'll have a look at it together!