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Which finishing can I use best for banners
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Banners have different finishing options. A finish will always apply to all sides of the banner. Below you'll find an overview of these options.

No finishing

If you choose "no finishing", the banner is cut to the desired size.

All edges seamed

Each side is seamed with this option. The banner is produced slightly larger than the desired size, so the edges can be folded and seamed. Thicker and firmer edges are the result.

All edges seamed & eyelets in all corners

This is the same result as with "all edges seamed" and more so: eyelets are added in every corner.

All edges seamed & eyelets every 30-50 cm

The same thing happens here as with "all edges seamed" and eyelets are added every 30-50 cm (depending on the option you have chosen) around the edges.

Tunnels of 8 cm diameter

Instead of seaming the edges, an opening or tunnel of 8cm diameter is made on both sides of the banner. This can be top and bottom, or left and right. This depends on the option you have chosen.

Eyelets every 30 cm

This option is only available if you choose ProPes as material for your banner. Since ProPes does not have to be seamed, this finishing option only adds PVC rings every 30 cm.


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