What does FR B1 certified mean?

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The abbreviation FR or RF stands for fire retardant or fire resistance of the material. This is important for materials like banners, that are often used in places with many visitors such as trade fairs, exhibitions and festivals. From a safety point of view, it is important that a banner does not immediately catch fire if a fire should occur. The European Community has created this certificate/label to be able to easily compare materials with regards to their flammability.

In Figure 1 and Table 1 we give an overview of all possible labels regarding the degree of flammability. It shows that materials with classification B1 are flame resistant and are therefore well suited for use at trade shows and expos.

European Fire Standards
Figure 1: European Fire Standards 

Tabel 1: European Fire Standards 
Classification Flammability
A Not flammable
B1 Hardly flammable
B2 Very difficult
C Difficult
D Average
E Easily flammable
F Not determined