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Design guidelines roll-up banners
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Wondering how to design a roll-up banners? You've come to the right place! Let's explain.

The main difference with the general guidelines is that roll-up banners have two zones where no important text or images should be placed: top 10 mm and bottom 40 mm. The roll-up system is attached to the banner in these places. As a result, these zones will be limited or not visible when the roll-up banner has been set up. 

In short; the safe zone for the text begins 10 mm lower and ends 40 mm earlier than the final format. More information about the safe zone can be found here.


  • Rollup banners 100x205
  • Rollup banners 120x205
  • Rollup banners 150x205
  • Rollup banners 85x205
  • Table top banner stands A3
  • Table top banner stands A4

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