Can I get a preview of my order?

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Of course you can! There are two types of previews: a digital and a physical version.

Physical preview

A physical preview or proof print isn't possible in most cases, or can be very expensive. Certain printing techniques do not allow us to produce only one product. It often involves very high costs because of the setup costs that have to be made. To give you an example: to print a flyer in offset, the cost price for one copy could quickly exceed 50 Euros. And even then it is still possible that color differences will occur in the "real print". If colors must be identical, you should choose a PMS color. Learn more about color differences and PMS.

Note: a proof print is only interesting if the colors must be 100% correct and the final print run is large enough. Additional costs for the preview will be charged.

Digital preview

A cheaper alternative is the digital proof or a ready-to-print pdf. You can use this to detect or control certain aspects, such as the position of text and/or images. Please keep in mind that you won't be able to detect all problems, such as the final print colors.

We try to offer you a competitive price for all our products, which is why we don't offer a digital preview for simple products like flyers, posters, banners, ... For more complex products like textile and promotional items, a low-resolution preview is offered. You can see on your price quote whether a digital preview is included or not.

If you want a digital preview anyway, even if it is not standard included, you can always request this. Additional costs may be charged for this. The time required to confirm the preview is not included in the delivery period!

Note: if you receive a preview, the delivery time will be extended by one working day after every 24 hours that you do not approve or reject it.