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Printed packaging tape

Printed packaging tape

We offer a range of tapes designed for packaging your products. Our packaging tape is available as PVC tape or paper tape. This ensures a firm and secure closure of your packaging. Our tapes are available in different sizes and colors, so you can always find a tape that matches your packaging.

Printed packaging tape is a good form of advertising. This product builds a positive image of your company while fulfilling the function of securing the shipment. The printed tape is made according to your individual needs: choose the printing, temperature resistance and stickiness.

The number of rolls to order starts at 36, delivery time starting from 15 days.

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Different types of tape

PVC tape

PVC tape is a packaging tape that is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The tape is characterized by its high adhesion, strength and that it is slightly thicker than other types of tapes. This makes the tape ideal for sealing packaging and protecting its contents. Our tape is also very durable and abrasion-resistant, which is perfect for packing heavy packages.

For improved working comfort, our tape unrolls silently, so no more of the noise that some tapes have. PVC tape is also available in different colors, so it will make your packages more unique and recognizable. 

Paper tape 

Another option for packaging is paper tape. This tape is useful for packing cardboard boxes and is known for its strength and adhesion. Paper tapes also leave no traces of adhesive and are highly resistant to spontaneous tearing. One of the biggest advantages of paper tape is that it is more environmentally friendly compared to other types of tapes. Ideal for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
The paper tape we offer is of high quality and also perfect for packing different types of shipments. Also, this tape is available in different colors and designs for a beautiful and refreshing look on your packaging. 
PP tapes with different types of adhesives

PP Solvent

PP Solvent tape consists of a Polypropylene film with a rubber solvent adhesive. The tape can be processed at various temperatures (from -20 °C to +40 °C) and is therefore widely applicable. The longest lasting tape among PP tapes is the PP solvent tape. The printing of this tape is almost abrasion-resistant. In addition, this tape has a lot of stretch, high adhesion and unrolls easily. The noise when unrolling is typical for this tape, it cannot be torn off manually (a tape dispenser is necessary). The PP solvent tape is suitable for sealing all cardboard boxes and is great for bundling. Thanks to its temperature resistance, this tape is extremely suitable for frozen products.

PP Hotmelt

The Hotmelt tape is most commonly used in machine processing. The tape consists of a polypropylene film with a hotmelt adhesive. This tape has a high adhesive strength and rolls off lightly and is therefore very good to process on box closing machines. PP hot melt is processable from +5°C or higher and is used for sealing light and heavy cardboard boxes. In terms of printing, the tape has many of the same properties as the PP Acrylic. The printing is not abrasion resistant. A full-face or diapositive printing is not recommended, as it is easily damaged. It is generally cheaper and ideal for short-term solutions.

PP Acrylic

The PP Acrylic tape consists of a polypropylene film with an acrylic adhesive (water-based). The tape is UV resistant, so it always remains clear. It is also suitable for damp surfaces and has a long shelf life. The PP Acrylic tape is available in a Noise-, and a Low-Noise version. The difference is determined by the thickness of the film and the amount of bonding. PP Acrylic is used for sealing all cardboard boxes. The printing on the tape has a shelf life of about 6-8 months. 

Noise tape

The tape makes a lot of noise when unrolling and has a low initial adhesion. This makes it unsuitable for test liner boxes (recycled material).

Low-Noise tape

This tape makes almost no noise when unrolling and has a high initial adhesion, making this tape more adhesive.

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