What you need to know about personalised workwear

Published on 22 May 2023
What you need to know about personalised workwear

Appearance, comfort and safety are aspects you strive for as an employer when it comes to the workwear worn by employees. Workwear forms unity among employees and provides a professional and well-groomed look to represent your company. However, not everyone realizes that workwear is much more than just a good look. High-visibility workwear, chef's hats and safety shoes all have one thing in common: they increase staff safety. In this blog, you can read all about the main reasons for wearing the right workwear.

Wearing the right workwear is important


For starters, wearing the right workwear is important for the safety and protection of your employees. The right workwear should be able to meet the various specific requirements that may be different for each work environment. It is important for a company to think carefully about the right workwear, for example, good workwear that suits the working conditions can help reduce absenteeism.

For example, work clothes for waiters, in addition to serving promotional purposes and facilitating recognition of the serving staff, serve mainly as protection. The work clothes prevent them from burning themselves or getting their clothes dirty. Chef's work clothes also serve to protect both themselves and guests from bacteria and suchlike.

Some work clothes can even save lives; think of safety vests, for example. These are much more than just fluorescent colored vests. Thus, the official description is high-visibility warning clothes or protective clothing. This piece of clothing is especially important for people who have to work close to traffic or on construction sites or airports. Simply put, anyplace where visibility protects you from (severe) accidents and injuries in all weather conditions and in both night and daylight. Prevention is better than cure!

Inexpensive way to increase your brand awareness

Every company wants to create as much brand awareness as possible. Of course, the functionality of workwear is the most important thing, but the appearance of workwear should not be forgotten either. You can't have workwear without printing! One of the most common ways to promote your company's brand awareness is by printing workwear. Printing clothes with your company logo, slogan or personal printing has a positive effect when it comes to your company's brand awareness or name recognition. Especially if your employees have to work outside, everyone will see your brand/slogan and it will stick in people's memory much better. Get clothing printed with your logo and make your employees extra recognizable.

Radiate craftsmanship with the right workwear

Besides protecting you, wearing the right workwear also makes you look professional and well-groomed. It shows that, as a company, you have thought carefully about the image you want to project, which then looks a lot more professional. After all, as an employer, you strive for good looks, comfort and safety when it comes to the workwear your employees wear while working.

Company clothing and the tax authorities

It is also useful to know that workwear is tax-deductible, as long as it meets the conditions set by the tax authorities. Work and company clothing is 100% tax deductible if it meets the following conditions;

  • The work and company clothing is exclusively meant for work; for example, work shoes, safety clothing (high visibility workwear) and work overalls.
  • Other work clothes such as work shirts, work sweaters and work polo shirts also qualify as tax deductions. The total minimum area of the logo per garment must then be at least 70 cm². In addition, the logo must refer to the company. Again the logo area is per garment.

If you meet these conditions, the costs for work and company clothing can be entered as expenses in the accounts. The VAT and expenses are then fully deductible!

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