From Peach to beekeeper: Meet the new PrintSimple Interns

Published on 8 March 2024
From Peach to beekeeper: Meet the new PrintSimple Interns

We are the brand-new interns at PrintSimple! We are all proud students of PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We also all happened to stumble upon PrintSimple during the PXL Handshake event and were immediately sold! As a business card we were given a printed condom, we all found this super funny because we didn’t expect it at all. It immediately showed us what kind of work atmosphere PrintSimple has, which really appealed to us. By the way, did you know that this is actually one of their most popular products?

Which one of us embraces the life of a peach? Who is obsessed with stuffed animals? Kitchen princesses, beekeepers, and future soldiers, you can find them all here at the PrintSimple Interns!

Maya Peach

Hey! I am Maya Peach and I am currently in my third and last year at PXL. I will (hopefully) get my bachelor in Business Translation & Interpreting. But even before my time at the university, I already had a taste for languages and focused on them. As such, I graduated high school with high honors from Secretary-Languages. This is also where I met my best friend, Aurélie; we then both chose to follow the same course at university and are now doing our internships together at PrintSimple.

Time for some Fun Facts about myself:

  • I’ve been reading both digital and printed books almost every day since I was 12. First it began with Dutch books, but I soon switched to books in foreign languages. In fact, I read all the Harry Potter books in English in 12 days when I was only 14 . So don’t be surprised when I finish a 500-page book in one day!
  • I love the English language, but you probably already guessed this. Although Dutch is my mother tongue, I’ve always been fascinated by English. Which is why I don't just read in English, but also speak it with my friends. I am so immersed in the language that my thoughts and dreams are even in English.
  • You would think my parents could predict the future if you look at my name. Of course, the child with the love of English gets an English name. Now you’re probably wondering why someone would name their child ‘Peach’... Well, according to my father, as a newborn baby I looked like a peach, so pink, soft and fuzzy. I tend to honor my name by dyeing my hair, often giving it a peachy color.


Hey there! I’m Aurélie and I’m a real polyglot! English, Deutsch, français or just Nederlands are already a part of my arsenal and I hope to one day add Espagñol as well. So it is no surprise that I am learning Business Translation & Interpreting. For the following 12 weeks I will be helping PrintSimple with all their linguistic tasks. I am very happy to be able to come and do my internship here. A warm atmosphere, fun colleagues and a lot of freedom are things I look for in a company and I have found all of that here! The ‘fun colleagues’ part wasn’t difficult seeing as I have known Maya Peach (my bestie) since high school and I have been a classmate of Shivani for a while.

Time for some Fun Facts about myself:

  • I am a real full-blooded nerd! Reading, writing and gaming are always on my weekend schedule.
    It’s not often that someone runs into me in the wild without a book under my nose. I prefer to read English books, because sometimes Dutch books are poorly translated.
    Writing is something I’ve been doing since kindergarten. My poor parents then had to listen to all my stories. It is also somewhere a mini dream to one day write a book myself. I do hope that my current level is better than that of five year old Aurélie.
    Gaming is something I can do for hours. Sinking away with my Nintendo Switch or gaming PC is my ideal vacation. I don’t get scared easily by a few liters of blood. Zombies, robots  or cowboys, it all doesn’t matter to me!
  • As a child (and also as an adult), I had some kind of obsession with stuffed animals. My parents and grandparents could never enter a store without having to buy me a new teddy friend. As a result, my bed, room and attic are buried in piles of stuffed animals. 
  • Numbers are my worst enemy. Quite accurate for someone who can do a lot with language. So I never liked doing math or physics. Even saying numbers is a problem. I am more likely to pronounce the number 74 as 47 (even while writing this sentence I made a mistake). It has actually already gotten me into trouble during oral exams....


Hello, I am Shivani, one of the interns at PrintSimple. I am currently in my final year of Business and Organization Management. I chose Business Translation & Interpreting as my major because I found that I wanted to delve more into languages. I've already earned a bachelor's degree in Tourism & Recreation Management.
And yet, I still want to continue to learn and improve my skills. That's why I chose this varied and challenging internship at PrintSimple.

Time for some Fun Facts about myself:

  • Exploring: I would love nothing more than to go out and explore the world. I always look forward to seeing, tasting and experiencing a new destination. I love the diversity, culture, architecture and local cuisine. Last summer I went to India for the first time and it was absolutely amazing!
  • Kitchen Princess: Even as a child, I loved being in the kitchen. I always enjoyed helping my mom prepare food. Together we cook mostly Indian and Surinamese dishes, but we also make the typical Flemish food. Additionally, I enjoy finding new dishes and experimenting. 
  • Art: I started drawing when I was 12 years old. I started with simple things like Disney characters and then moved on to portraits. I taught myself all of this, without going to art school. Sometimes I also paint. That way I can express my creativity. During college I unfortunately had less time for this, but I still enjoy doing it as much as ever!


Hello, my name is François and I am excited to announce that I will be part of the new team of interns for the next 12 weeks. I am looking forward to contributing to PrintSimple from Mediaworqs through analytics and marketing. In doing so, I will use my skills and knowledge, gained at the PXL University of Applied Sciences & Arts in Business Management All-round, to effectively support both teams. I look forward to growing as a professional together with my colleagues and discovering where and how I can best contribute and learn within our organization. Working together and developing new skills are goals I am eager to pursue.

Time for some Fun Facts about myself:

  • I listen to music almost all the time, and if I had to choose one song as my theme song, it would be 'Voodoo Child'. Because it embodies the untamed energy and creativity I strive to bring to my work and daily life. 'Voodoo Child' symbolizes innovation and breaking conventions, exactly the qualities I value and pursue.
  • Cooking from scratch is totally my thing, with an absolute favorite being making pizzas in my own pizza oven at home.
  • A fun fact about me is that I have a great admiration for bees and therefore want to become a beekeeper. I look forward to keeping my own hives and experiencing the fascinating world of bees up close. So I guess you could say I am a busy bee


Hello everyone! My name is Simon, and I am part of the new team of interns for the next 12 weeks. As a Digital Design student, I have a wide range of knowledge and skills that I can use to support the team. I look forward to growing with my colleagues, both professionally and personally. I will be supporting PrintSimple and its sister brand Mediaworqs through all kinds of graphic designs, UI/UX enhancements, illustrations, etc. I am looking forward to learning more and working as part of a team.

Time for some Fun Facts about myself:

  • After graduating, I am seriously considering entering the military. The idea of taking on new challenges and serving my country appeals to me greatly.
  • I am an active member of the youth movement, where I go on unforgettable adventures. It is also where I learn valuable life lessons about teamwork and leadership.
  • Although my studies focus on digital design, I admit that drawing is not my forte. It did, however, teach me how to express my creativity in other ways.

Now you guys know a little more about PrintSimple's new interns! Want to know a little more, or just want to stalk us? Then be sure to keep an eye on our social media and the news section! Hope to see you again!  

~ Maya Peach, Shivani, Simon, François & Aurélie 

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