What is doming?

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Do you want to give your business gifts and giveaways an extra dimension? Doming is the right choice for you!

Promotional items that are domed get a gel-like clear layer of a few millimeters. This protects the printing and makes it scratch resistant. The technique owes its name to the "dome" -like shape that the layer of resin has on the sticker.

Dome stickers of gel stickers are often used on cars, computers, refrigerators,.. but there are also various promotional gifts that can be domed, such as pins, USBs and key chains.

Note: doming is usually placed on a white background. You will not see the color of the item being printed on the part of the doming print.

How does doming work?

Your design is first printed on a solid sticker in full-color. This sticker is then cut into the right shape and then provided with a clear resin layer that forms as a dome on the sticker. This doming layer is scratch-resistant and protects the printed colors. This way the printing lasts extra-long and the design does not lose its color!