Everything about textile frames

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Textile frames are popular for a reason. It's an attractive way of presentation and changing them is quick and easy. This is why you see textile frames in many different places, such as a trade fair or event, office or retail space.

You can have your tendon cloth made in different materials. For frames without light, the 215 g/m² decofabric material is the most commonly chosen, for frames with LED lighting we recommend the Samba backlit material.

Aluminum frames

A tendon cloth can be ordered with an aluminum frame. This can be a frame without lighting or a frame with LED lighting. The textile frame is available in four different thicknesses, 19 mm for wall frames, 25 and 27 mm for wall or ceiling frames, 44 mm for double-sided applications and 80 mm for standing and hanging applications. For the frame with LED lighting, you have a 60 mm wide profile.

Textile frame on the wall

If you would like to hang your textile frame on the wall as decoration or, for example, as a background for video calls, we can provide the frame with drill holes. This way you can easily fix it to the wall.

Textile frame on the ceiling

A textile frame can also be attached to the ceiling. At the top of the frame there are eyelets through which a wire or other fastening can be fixed.

Free-standing textile frame

Free-standing textile frames can be used, for example, at a trade fair or as a partition wall in a store or office. Free-standing frames can be printed on both sides. If you choose a free-standing frame, you will receive "feet" for the frame with your order.