Safe and useful gadgets

Published on 19 September 2022
Safe and useful gadgets

Gadgets are extremely popular these days. In fact, they are so popular that you'd better choose a unique and useful gadget, otherwise your giveaways will soon be put aside for cooler or higher quality alternatives. How about gadgets with an anthi-theft system, protective products or handy multi-tools? Here are a few examples of promotional products that can really make a difference and help you score in the long run! After all, the longer your giveaway is used, the higher its brand value and te lower the cost per touchpoint.

Safe and protective gadgets

Bobby rugzakBobby anti-theft backpack - A backpack from XD design made of high quality rPET material with reflective details for your safety in the dark. The backpack has numerous hidden and RFID-protective compartments and hidden zips, including a keychain clip, complemented by a secure zip for even better protection of your belongings. The Bobby backpacks come in different models with different look & feel.

Swiss peak RFID reistas & rugzakSwiss Peak RFID Travel Bag & Backpack - A convenient, lightweight polyester 2-in-1 bag with 48L capacity. You can use it both as a backpack and as a travel bag. Besides a spacious main compartment, the bag has a handy side compartment for e.g. shoes and a side pocket with zip. On the back there is a bottle holder compartment and a quick storage compartment. On the front side there is a front pocket with zip and 2 RFID-protective compartments. The shoulder straps are adjustable for comfort.

EHBO-kitBullet Handies 46-Piece First Aid Kit - A handy first aid kit for use in the car? The first aid kit contains a sling, scissors, 2 pins, 2 bandages, 1 tape, 15 plasters, 8 alcohol wipes, 2 wet wipes, 2 cleaning wipes, 10 pieces of gauze, 1 safety vest, 1 safety blanket and a dynamo torch. It complies with the legal requirements. An original and handy gadget fully customisable in your house style.

VeiligheidsvestjeFluoflash safety vest - The perfect gadget for optimal visibility in the dark. The vests are CE approved and meet the European standards for requirements of signalling clothing and personal protective equipment. The safety vests are available in multiple colours and multiple sizes.

Useful and original products

MultitoolGearX multitool - A functional multitool that is handy to have in your pocket and its compact size makes it easy to tuck away. The body is made of luxurious black aluminium and the tools are made of premium quality 420 stainless steel. The durable tools include a knife, bottle opener, box cutter, screwdriver with double bit set, saw and a flathead screwdriver. The multi-tool is packaged in a deluxe gift box.

Oplaadbare zaklampGearX USB rechargeable torch - A powerful torch with a high-quality aluminium housing. With the premium focus light, the light can be amplified up to 2000 times. The lamp creates up to 1000 lumens and a beam that reaches up to 500 metres. The rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours of use means there is no need to change batteries. Recharging is very easy with a USB connection. An original gadget, fully customisable with your logo!

RolmeterGearX 5 meter measuring tape - With a personalised, high-quality 5M/19mm measuring tape, you measure in style. The measuring tape comes in a shock-resistant casing with a locking button and belt clip. The gauge has two withdrawal speeds and contains 2 strong magnets. The print on the tape is wear-resistant and it is packaged in a luxery gift box.

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