Klio Eterna pens in your custom color

Published on 12 April 2021
Klio Eterna pens in your custom color

Are you looking for ballpoint pens that match the colors of your brand perfectly? It is not always as easy as it sounds. Even with a wide range of standard colors, it is possible that you still miss your desired color tone.

PMS service

The PMS service for Klio Eterna pens offers the solution. Simply tell us the Pantone, HKS or RAL code for the implementation of your individual company color and we will produce the product entirely according to your individual wishes and requirements. 

For selected Klio models, we offer this service for orders of 3.000 pieces or more. From an order quantity of 25.000 pieces, this service is even free of charge. Contact us for a quotation for Klio ballpoint pens in your custom PMS color.

Real sample in days

With a special color stock of over 200 PMS color shades, we can respond to your wishes and requirements quickly, flexibly and reliably. Your individual special color is usually available immediately, can be mixed directly and sampled within 5-7 working days. Approximately one week later, you will receive a model sample in the color of your choice for approval, so that you can convince yourself of its appearance and color effect in advance.


Klio pens in your PMS colorOur production in special colors is based on the standards of the Pantone, HKS and RAL color systems.

Due to different surfaces, materials, and refractions of light on the product, subjectively perceived color deviations may occur.

For this reason, you receive a model sample before we start the production of your personalized pen.


Order your personalized Klio pens now or contact us for a price quote for pens in your own PMS color!

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