The IMPACT collection: making a positive contribution to water consumption

Published on 26 October 2020
The IMPACT collection: making a positive contribution to water consumption

The IMPACT collection is a selection of products with which we want to make a positive contribution. There is a responsibility to the environment that we cannot ignore. The IMPACT collection is a line of products that aims to have a positive effect on the use of water.

Why water?

  • Tangibility: Water shortage is a visible and comprehensible problem for everyone, certainly compared to the CO2 and nitrogen problem.
  • Urgency: As early as 2025, 50% of the world's population will experience so-called "water stress" - living with a lack of sufficient available drinking water.
  • Size: The problem of water shortage is global. From the melting fresh water from ice caps into salty
    oceans to drying parts of the land, the problem is noticeable all over the world.


We distinguish three main areas in which the IMPACT-collection can contribute to the consumption of water.

  1. By using recycled cotton and PET, saving up to 1800L of water per product.
  2. By using glass and stainless steel to increase the reusability of products compared to single-use products.
  3. For every product sold from the IMPACT collection, a donation is made to

Discover the impact-collection here! logo is a global non-profit organization that is committed to making (drinking) water and hygiene available in a safe and efficient way. helps people access safe water and hygiene through affordable financing such as small loans. They do everything they can every day to provide those in need with these life-changing agents. In doing so, they give women hope, children health and families a brighter future.

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