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How condoms can climax your marketing campaign

Published on 29 October 2021
How condoms can climax your marketing campaign

Do you want your marketing campaign to stand out and really make an impact? Consider using condoms to climax your campaign!

It is not always easy to position condoms with customers in a fun and original way. However, there are a thousand and one reasons to promote your business by using personalized condoms. We'll walk you through 5 of them.

1. Condoms are an inexpensive product

Compared to the multitudes of promotional items that are available today, condoms are remarkably interesting in terms of costs. Personalized condoms are available from only €0,30 per condom! And the receivers will most likely have use for it!

2. Condoms really make an impression

Condoms always strike by their originality and daring, and it remains an extremely popular item with young people. The full front of the foil or the outside of the packaging can be fully printed with your design, making sure your message makes an impression on your audience.

3. Condoms can add humor to your campaign

What marketing campaigns are easily remembered by its audience? Correct, the ones that stand out and have humor in it! Add a humorous touch to your message by printing it on the packaging of your condoms.

4. Condoms add a health benefit

Add a "health" extra to your campaign by placing your brand in the spotlight and highlighting this health extra. For example, you can add a red ribbon to your design on the packaging and arrange distribution on December 1st, World Day against AIDS. Or support an association by sponsoring condoms.

5. Condoms target all audiences

Because it’s used by anyone at any age, condoms don't only target young people, but all ages. It targets people in all sectors as well, from the football club to the automotive, from insurance to the opticians, from carriers to the insurance company,...


Do you want an inexpensive and popular promotional product on which you can clearly display your message and will make your audience remember your brand? Choose printed and personalized condoms! Discover our range of condoms on our website!

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