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Which material do I choose best for pillows?
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Our pillows are available in no fewer than 7 indoor materials and 1 material for outdoor use. This way, there is the perfect pillow for every interior and project. All pillows are hemmed at the bottom, the zipper is also placed there.

But how do you know which material suits your project or idea best? To help you with this, we have listed them all below and we have made a comparison table!

Pro cotton percal

Pro cotton percalThe pro cotton percal is a luxurious cotton fabric and has a soft look. The difference with normal cotton is the number of threads that are used to make the fabric. Because the pro cotton percal is extra finely woven, the fabric feels softer, smoother and more pleasant. The high weave density also ensures that the fabric will look beautiful for a long time.

Pro cotton satin

Pro cotton satinThis fabric is alike the pro cotton percal. The satin version has, as the name implies, a satin sheen over the fabric. This shine is created by satin weaving, the cotton is then woven closer together. The upper weft threads are loose, causing the fabric to shine slightly. As a result, the fabric not only feels luxurious, but also looks luxurious!


LodiThe Lodi is a dense fabric made of 220 g / m² polyester. The slub wire that is incorporated in the fabric gives the fabric a natural and linen look and provides more structure. The plain weave used in the fabric gives a stable and firm effect that increases the durability of the fabric. The Lodi is very smooth and next to pillows also very suitable for curtains and furniture.


KendalKendal is a polyester fabric of 210 g/m² with a twill weave. This is a strong but subtle bond that provides a tough look and feel. The fine threads in the fabric ensure a smooth fall, which also makes the fabric very suitable for curtains. The print quality on the Kendal fabric is very high, so your design will be printed razor-sharp!


MezoMezo is a 100% cotton fabric of 420 g/m². The Mezo fabric is woven in a panama weave. This creates a coarse and tough structure and a matte look. This weave structure ensures firmness, which also makes the fabric suitable for furniture. Note that the coarse structure of the fabric results in a less sharp print of your design.

Cover fabric

DekostofCover fabric is made of 215 g/m² polyester and is characterized by strong colors and a matte appearance. The flexible polyester fabric has a high wrinkle resistance, absorbs light instead of reflecting it and thus ensures a high print quality. Cover fabric is a fire-retardant textile and meets the European fire safety requirements for public buildings, B1 according to DIN 4102. This makes it very interesting for use in companies and public areas.


StructexStructex is a structured fabric of a heavier quality of 250 g/m² polyester. The fabric has a natural look and is more sound-absorbing than comparable fabrics. Structex is also washable and ironable. Fire safety is a real must in more and more places. With Structex you do not have to worry about this, because the fabric has a B1 certification.

Outdoor polyester

Outdoor polyesterDo you want to use your pillows outside? We recommend the outdoor polyester! The 225 g/m² polyester fabric is water-repellent and very robust. This material is also used for our beanbags.


Comparison pillow fabrics
  Pro cotton percal Pro cotton satin Lodi Kendal Mezo Cover fabric Structex Outdoor polyester
Print Pigment water-based ink Pigment water-based ink Pigment water-based ink Pigment water-based ink Pigment water-based ink Pigment water-based ink Pigment water-based ink Pigment water-based ink
Material 140 g/m² cotton 115 g/m² cotton 220 g/m² polyester 210 g/m² polyester 420 g/m² cotton 215 g/m² polyester 250 g/m² polyester 225 g/m² polyester
Texture Matt, very fine woven structure Smooth fabric with silk gloss Linen look Twill weave Coarse structure with matte look Fine structure with a matte appearance Fabric with structure Smooth, water-repellent fabric
FR B1 certification

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