The holidays are coming, a busy period for the parcel services. Take longer delivery times into account and place your orders on time!

When are you closed?
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Opposed to our out-of-office-arrangement, our customer service is completely closed on a closing day and cannot be reached. This means that on a closing day no orders, payments, proofs, approvals, etc., are processed. Therefore, this day does not count as a production day.

This also applies to orders we have received before the closing day. These closing days are not considered in the normal delivery period of those orders.

Do not forget that the delivery period will only take effect after the order has been placed, print-ready files have been sent and, if applicable, the preview has been approved and the payment has been arranged!

Tip: send us your order as early as possible! It will be higher in our production planning and will be first to be processed, produced and shipped after a closing day. Also know that there are some production lines and parcel services that are only closed during legal holidays and therefore continue to work on other closing days. Is your order already ready to print in our production planning or ready for shipment? Then you can benefit from this and it is possible that it will be delivered according to normal planning!

Below you will find our upcoming closing days. These are the standard legal holidays, but we have added some bridge days, collective leave days and additional days for team building, trainings and trade fair visits.

Closing days 2020:

  • Jan. 1 - New Year's Day
  • Jan. 8 - Trade Fair visit
  • Apr. 13 - Easter Monday
  • May 1 - Labour Day
  • May 21 & 22 - Ascension & bridge day
  • Jun. 1 - Pentecost Monday
  • Jul. 20 & 21 - Belgian National Day & bridge day
  • Nov. 11 - Armistice Day
  • Dec. 25-31 - Christmas

Closing days 2021:

  • 1 Jan. - New Year's Day

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