Can I order samples?

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Before you place an order, you often want to see, feel, smell or even taste a product in real life. We understand this all too well!

Therefore, we have worked out a sample arrangement for our stock items. This arrangement applies to the products that are on our webshop, not for non-stock items of products that are custom-made.

For example: caps that are in stock and only need to be personalized or decorated with your design are included in the sample arrangement. But custom-made caps, or non-stock caps are not included as standard. If this is the case, please contact us and we will check the possibilities!

We apply the following policy for our sample arrangement:

  1. You can order a sample of several products within 1 sample-order, provided of course that samples are available for those products. 
  2. Max 1 sample per color or per size.
  3. To prevent abuse of this system, we charge the standard cost price of the undecorated product.
  4. In addition, a handling fee of €5.00 (for administration, order picking, packaging and transport) is charged per sample order.
  5. In exchange, you will receive a discount code of 5% (with a maximum of the total amount of the whole sample order excl. VAT) for your next order within 30 days.